My social learning groups loved this new book called ISHI, Simple Tips from a Solid Friend by Akiko Yabuki earlier this school year. This cute picture book features a little rock named ISHI who encourages others to choose and share happiness. My students really enjoyed the adorable pictures (adults will, too). After we read the story, we made our own rock friends that could spread some kindness. To purchase your copy of ISHI, please go to On the ISHI website, you will find a fantastic activity guide to with the book. With the permission from the author, I added my own twist to ISHI’s activity guide and you can get it FREE here! Make your own ISHI Activities.

My group also enjoyed watching these video clips to go along with the theme of spreading happiness.


And who doesn’t enjoy Kid President?


Here’s what one of my students said makes him feel happy. The candy was just a little something he wanted to add to his picture since it makes him happy, too!. Hope you enjoy the book as much as I do!



About mhkeiger

I am a Social Learning Specialist and owner of Ausomely Social LLC. I have presented at the Social Thinking Providers Conference. I received my bachelor's degree in English from Salem College and my master's degree in Cross-Categorical Education from the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. I am a long-term member of the Autism Society of North Carolina. I was awarded Professional of the Year by the Autism Society of North Carolina in 2003. I have over 29 years of extensive training and experience in the area of social skills.

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  1. Excellent! You know I am going to use this, Mary.


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