267Brrr… hard to believe it is spring with all the cold weather lately! This week my social learning group enjoyed some spring time activities complete with an egg hunt.

1. For our Warm-Up Activity, we pretended to be Fragile Eggs. One at a time, a large bean bag was placed gently on top of the student. When they were ready, the student jumped up and pushed away the beanbag as if they were a baby chick hatching from their egg. One student surprised us with hatching “Gangnam Style!”



2. Then we practiced Flower Pose and Rabbit Pose. 228 235

3. For our Breath Practice, we did Bunny Breaths. First, we twitched our nose like a bunny and then we took 4 quick short breaths in through our nose. Then we breathed out through our mouth slowly. We repeated Bunny Breaths 3 times.

4. Talk Time came next. We passed around a bunny and shared with the group which Unthinkable character from the Superflex® curriculum was the hardest to defeat. Social Thinking® is by MIcehelle Garcia Winner and Superflex® by Michelle Garcia Winner and Stephanie Madrigal. Social Thinking® is a term coined by Michelle Garcia Winner and represents a coordinated teaching framework of curricula, vocabulary, teaching tools and strategies for individuals aged preschool through adults. Learn more at www.socialthinking.com. One of my students had me rolling with laughter when he said that he thought maybe Rock Brain was the hardest for me as it sure seems like I am stuck on Rubber Chickens!  (For more information about Superflex and the Unthinkable characters, please go to www.socialthinking.com

5. Our group activity was a lot of fun. We did an Unthinkable I divided the group into two and instructed each group to find 18 eggs that were hidden inside the classroom. Each egg contained a slip of paper with a situation that described an Unthinkable character that was defeated or an Unthinkable character that needed to be defeated. As a group, they had to figure out which Unthinkable character it could be and match it to the correct character on the Superflex poster. Everyone tried their best and worked well as a group.

6. Time for some movement with a Springtime Obstacle Course! We hopped over eggs onto a colored felt square.

257We walked over a balance beam carrying an egg with a spoon.


We tossed plastic eggs into a basket.


7. Time to relax and calm our bodies. I found this relaxation story from Bodylogique: http://bodylogique.blogspot.com/2012/04/guided-imagery-spring-themed-self.html#!/2012/04/guided-imagery-spring-themed-self.html

A Terrific Tuesday!

– Mary


About mhkeiger

I am a Social Learning Specialist and owner of Ausomely Social LLC. I have presented at the Social Thinking Providers Conference. I received my bachelor's degree in English from Salem College and my master's degree in Cross-Categorical Education from the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. I am a long-term member of the Autism Society of North Carolina. I was awarded Professional of the Year by the Autism Society of North Carolina in 2003. I have over 29 years of extensive training and experience in the area of social skills.

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  1. bodylogique says:

    Mary, This is a great collection of Interactive Spring activities for kids! (and thank you for including my “Peace Garden Imagery” : ) I would like to re-post on my FB and Twitter pages. I love your blog!


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